Pine cover for fire

5 Essentials for Wet Camping

I haven’t done as much camping as I’d like to over the last couple of years, but the times that I have gotten out with nature it’s been on some pretty wet days. I certainly enjoy camping on mild days in the late summer when lakes are warm, but evening temperatures are low enough that […]

Why I will never use Expedia again

Why I will never use Expedia again

I’ve been a big fan of online purchasing for a long time. Year after year, the process just keeps getting better and, perhaps more importantly, easier. Some things make a lot of sense to buy online – computer products, software, non-tailored clothing – you can almost always find much better deals and a much wider […]


On our second to last night in Gdansk we took a bus down to the Centre (Downtown). Our friends Wojtek (Voytek), Natalia and Thea (from the States) took us up to a hill that overlooked all of Gdansk. The city was lit up beautifully and showed an array of history across the cityscape. To the […]

The oversight that changed a day

(continued from last post) We’d left our bags at a 24-hour storage facility in the train station at St Pancras. We thought this would be a great way to tour around London and see the sights with a lighter load. This facility boldly advertised 24 HOUR storage, though it was only STAFFED until 10pm. The […]

This is London

True to the end of the last post, the sights were seen. Three blocks walk from the cafe put us back on the Underground. After eight or nine stops on the circle line we arrived at Westminster station. It has, quite possibly the best exit in the city. You follow “Way Out” signs to the […]

Making our way

Travel has been swift and smooth, though not without incident. Before leaving Kansas City, Thomas’ carry-on suffered a broken strap and he carried it like a sack of potatoes through to Minneapolis until they were able to improvise a repair using a spare carabiner. Levi was gently rebuked by a UK border security woman for […]