Movies you should've already seen

Movies you should’ve already seen

UPDATE: This list will be for movies from your college days or before, if you’re my age  (ie around 5+ years ago). ** I’ve nixed a few great movies simply because they’re just too recent. I’ll make another list/poll for those. Since the conversation started with Garden State (2004) – that will be the cut […]

Games: Canyon Defense

Here’s an updated version of a classic (Tower Defense) we spent hours and hours playing back in the day. “Easy to play. Hard to master.” is what they say. (I’d suggest muting the sound though – it’s annoyingly loud) Show/Hide Game (Music will start/stop playing.) If it doesn’t work you can play it here: Canyon […]

Games: Dragon Slayers 2

This should (and will) be categorized as “Favorite Waste of Time: Simple Addictive Games”. Here by popular demand is the first of an on-going series – “Games to pass/waste the time”. I have played this one a few times and it’s so simple, yet, shooting down dragons just doesn’t get old. If you can beat […]