The oversight that changed a day

Charlton Street, London, England

Picture: Charlton Street, London, England

(continued from last post)

We’d left our bags at a 24-hour storage facility in the train station at St Pancras. We thought this would be a great way to tour around London and see the sights with a lighter load. This facility boldly advertised 24 HOUR storage, though it was only STAFFED until 10pm. The hours of operation were on a poorly inked stamp on our receipt, unnoticed until a random moment of review in the shadow of Tower Bridge… two minutes before our bags would be locked away until 7am the following morning.

First train to the airport we could catch would be 7:02am. Time to the airport: 45 minutes. Wizzair, our airline to Poland, has a strict policy of closing their check-in 40 minutes before take off. Our flight was at 8am. The outlook was grim. We discussed our options, mainly just different levels of worst-case-scenario ranging from £70 loss to £100+ loss. And all of them included a nights stay at the luxuriously drafty St Pancras train terminal.

* This is from a series of posts from when Levi Manning and I traveled to Europe.

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