This is London

Big Ben and Parliament, London, England

Picture: Looking up Bridge Rd past a double-decker bus toward Big Ben and Parliament, London, England.

True to the end of the last post, the sights were seen. Three blocks walk from the cafe put us back on the Underground. After eight or nine stops on the circle line we arrived at Westminster station. It has, quite possibly the best exit in the city. You follow “Way Out” signs to the exit, walk up the steps to the street and then lay your head back on your shoulders to take in the 314ft, gargantuan Big Ben, poised in all it’s splendor directly across the street.
Then it was across the River Thames to see the Eye of London, around to Trafalgar Square, back on the Underground to Picadilly Circus, then to Tower Bridge. At exactly two to ten, Thomas had an epiphany.
“Hey Levi, when does the baggage storage place close?” … (continued next post)


* This is from a series of posts from when Levi Manning and I traveled to Europe.

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