Making our way

Paddington Station, London, England

Picture: Paddington Station, London, England

Travel has been swift and smooth, though not without incident. Before leaving Kansas City, Thomas’ carry-on suffered a broken strap and he carried it like a sack of potatoes through to Minneapolis until they were able to improvise a repair using a spare carabiner. Levi was gently rebuked by a UK border security woman for the ragged state of his passport. “Passport been through the wash, love?” He meekly confessed that it had been, whereupon she informed him that this had nullified all the “over 300” built-in security features and could allow anyone to use it by simply switching pictures.
After quite nearly not being admitted into the UK, we found our way to a local pub a block from the St Pancras station for some reasonably priced fish and chips.

Tonight will be filled with the obligatory London sights. Tomorrow, Poland.

* This is from a series of posts from when Levi Manning and I traveled to Europe.

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