Movies you should’ve already seen

Movies you should've already seen

UPDATE: This list will be for movies from your college days or before, if you’re my age  (ie around 5+ years ago).

** I’ve nixed a few great movies simply because they’re just too recent. I’ll make another list/poll for those. Since the conversation started with Garden State (2004) – that will be the cut off. Also, anime has been nixed (because I’m close minded).

In a recent conversation with some friends, we stumbled upon the fact that my girlfriend fiancee wife had never seen Garden State. We were all flabbergasted. As we investigated further, we came to find out that she had missed out on many of the rest of the groups favorite movies from years past. It turned into a quick-fire survey where we were all shouting out movies, most with her shaking her head “no” to. I quickly got out a paper and pen and started writing down the movies we were throwing out with much nostalgia, noting the ones my hypo-cinematically-exposed lady friend had not seen.

(Edit) I quickly lost the list before I was able to transfer it to this blog. So help me out by posting the movies that you feel are staples in your DVD collection or ones that you would be surprised to find out if one of your friends hadn’t seen it yet.

(Edit) I’ve made the list into a poll – feel free to vote for your Top 20 “Should’ve Already Seen” movies – View Results link at bottom.

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    17 responses to “Movies you should’ve already seen”

    1. Wil

      gone baby gone, ponyo…

      esay a is worth a laugh

    2. Aril

      the Sandlot and Pretty Woman

    3. Corie =)

      Ok, I’m stopping after this: ET, Hoosiers, Trains, Planes and Automobiles, Groundhog Day, The Burbs, Universal Soldier, This Is Spinal Tap….

    4. Corie =)

      Oh! I can’t forget Amelie and American Beauty…Woot! =)

    5. Corie

      Hmmm…I own 41 of those listed on DVD…HA! *shaking head*

      Goonies? Sandlot is a must! Field of Dreams? Hook? Bill & Ted? Willy Wonka?

      On the classic kill em’ flicks: Missing In Action? Rambo? Best of the Best?

      Oh Goodness! I do love movies! =)

    6. Tim

      How could I forget Die Hard 1 and 2?

    7. Tim

      My personal favorite: Good Will Hunting
      Every Pixar Movie (with the possible exception of cars)
      +2 Eternal Sunshine, Back to the Future, Schindler’s List
      +1 Shaun of the Dead/Hot fuzz
      +1 Howl’s Moving Castle
      +1 Never Ending Story
      +1 Truman Show
      The Wizard (Powerglove baby!)
      Karate Kid
      Short Circuit
      Dumb and Dumber (sorry but its mandatory)
      Flight of the Navigator
      War Games
      Star Wars
      The Sixth Sense
      (random disaster movie – Towering Inferno, earthquake, etc…)
      Harry and the Hendersons
      The Bourne Trilogy
      United 93
      Mission Impossible 1
      Muppet Movie of your Choice
      Sean Connery as James Bond movie of your choice
      The Breakfast club
      The Shining (yikes!)
      Twister 🙂
      Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
      Cinderella Man
      Turner and Hooch
      Sleepless in Seattle
      A League of their Own
      American History X
      The Brave little Toaster

      I’m sure I’ll think of more 🙂

    8. Prazzie

      Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Fight Club, Moulin Rouge.

    9. cefriano

      My pleasure. Probably got downvoted for making it too long, but I really like movies.

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    10. Saan

      We did all three, over 2 days. She found number 2 a little on the ‘meh’ side of things but loved number 3.

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    11. thomasrye

      Everything on this list is valid and awesome. Thanks for posting.

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    12. thomasrye

      This is what I like to see – Lots of movies from yesteryear on here. Good work.

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    13. ladyofthecanyon

      There Will Be Blood!

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    14. clownprince_

      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / The Science of Sleep The Royal Tenenbaums / The Life Aquatic / The Fantastic Mr. Fox The Last Kiss (if you enjoyed Garden State…) What Dreams May Come / The Truman Show Studio Ghibili – Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle Cowboy Bebop Amores Perros / Y tu mama tambien… Hellboy / Pan’s Labyrinth Shaun of the Dead / Hot Fuzz SLC Punk

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