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  1. Kyle Davis

    I would agree with most of what you said. Regarding BP however, in all fairness, I dont think its right to equate them with the likes of Bernie Madoff. BP isnt a company that was hell-bent on … See Moredestroying the lives of its trusting customers. According to the DOE statistics for oil importation from last year, BP is near the bottom of the list of big companies for Persian Gulf imports – the majority of their oil being from Canada, and South America.

    It would seem that in fact, BP has made laudable efforts to keep money out of the hands of terrorists, and in our own economy. This big spill was a very unfortunate incident, yes – and there isnt a good excuse for it yet. But i dont think its enough to excuse their efforts, and call them crooks or thieves. It would have been much more justified had the spill occured with Shell, or Exxon, or Chevron – big companies that DO import the majority of their oil from the Saudis.

    On a closing note, how often do we see a large company like that stand up and say publicly, “yep, we messed up – and we’ll own our mistake.”? Not often. And certainly not from people like Madoff.

    Just my two cents – I think theres more to be considered here, before making harsh accusations. For a link to the DOE website where i got my info, here is a link:

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