Weight Gain Progress

Weight Gain Progress

Learn to drive better – Situation 227: The Slow-down Gawker

Don't slow down for accidents on the opposite side of the highway

Why I will never use Expedia again

Don't use Expedia

I've been a big fan of online purchasing for a long time. Year after year, the process just keeps getting better and, perhaps more importantly, easier. Some things make a lot of sense to buy online - computer products, software, non-tailored clothing - you can almost always find much better deals and a much wider ...

Movies you should’ve already seen


UPDATE: This list will be for movies from your college days or before, if you're my age  (ie around 5+ years ago). ** I've nixed a few great movies simply because they're just too recent. I'll make another list/poll for those. Since the conversation started with Garden State (2004) - that will be the cut off. ...