3 responses to “iPhone, gPhone, Nexus One, Hero, Android, Palm Pre?!”

  1. Kate T.

    Interesting. Good to know. Thanks Thomas!

  2. Xylenz

    You might want to update that verizon plan. See here 9http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/splash/plansingleline.jsp?lid=//global//plans//individual). Read the fine print: “All 3G Smartphones require a data feature of $29.99 or higher” That means that you add $30/mo on to their stated plans!!!

  3. Thomas Rye

    Thanks Xylenz,
    I just checked that link and it appears my prices are off now, but the new prices are cheaper than what is listed. I heard that Verizon and one of the others (AT&T?) were going to be knocking down their prices across the board by ~$20. Maybe this is a reflection of that.

    I’ll correct the chart soon.

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