3 responses to “iPhone, gPhone, Nexus One, Hero, Android, Palm Pre?!”

  1. Thomas Rye

    Thanks Xylenz,
    I just checked that link and it appears my prices are off now, but the new prices are cheaper than what is listed. I heard that Verizon and one of the others (AT&T?) were going to be knocking down their prices across the board by ~$20. Maybe this is a reflection of that.

    I’ll correct the chart soon.

  2. Xylenz

    You might want to update that verizon plan. See here 9http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/splash/plansingleline.jsp?lid=//global//plans//individual). Read the fine print: “All 3G Smartphones require a data feature of $29.99 or higher” That means that you add $30/mo on to their stated plans!!!

  3. Kate T.

    Interesting. Good to know. Thanks Thomas!

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