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  1. XtremeNO

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  2. Hudson

    This really resonated with me. I ran into a veteran outside the DMV in a wheelchair. He asked if I would go buy him some alcohol and bring it back – he was entering rehab the next day, supposedly. I said I wasn’t comfortable with doing that but asked if there was any other way I could help – he said, “no”. I still prayed for the man, but I also went on about my business in the DMV knowing that he didn’t really want to be “helped”, he just wanted a fix, and I can’t offer that.

  3. Amy Downey

    I will always enter a conversation with this topic, due to my heart towards the homeless. I agree with you both. Expanding on what Nathan said . . . all that matters is your response to what the Lord has guided you to do. If He has laid it on your heart to give to a particular person, it matters not what that person then does with your gift. On the flip-side, if the Lord has laid it on your heart to focus your gifts to an organization that has good stewardship of their finances, then do so! Oh, how our lives would look if we were just in constant communion with the Spirit.

  4. Nathan

    Fantastic perspective, my friend. You always bring both insight and an encouragement to take things at least one step beyond the computer screen.

    I think my biggest hurdle on the “No More Money” issue is this: I’ve been swindled by the “street beggars” too, btu everytime I come upon someone and all I have to offer is a few dollars, I am reminded of a quote someone once said that I think is true. They said “God always blesses what you do for those in need.” I feel that applies, even if those in need may have done it to themselves, or have become embittered by events and feel they have no recourse but to abuse the charity of others.

    If I look at Christ, He continually puts Himself in our midst, and in the midst of those who would shun him and even deny Him to His face, yet He still offers them what He has.

    I guess it ultimately rests within to feel like it is my actions, regardless of how they are received and then later used, that contain the attitude of the heart in those moments, and if I am asked to forgive 7 times 70, would it benefit me and those I interact with to be charitable in that same way too — even if means the charity may eventually go to something less fortunate.

    As you can see, it is a worthy discussion and I have a hunch there is no one solid path to walk when caring for those who have nothing.

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